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Real time email alert

·When receiving new email, get desktop sound effect or voice notification.When you do not want to remind, you can also choose to turn off the reminder function.

Direct browsing

· Click the pop-up reminder box to quickly browse the email.

· So that you don't miss an email.

Real time operation

·You don't need to open a Gmail web page to read, archive, mark read or delete messages directly in a pop-up window.

Fast operation

·In the mail window, sending and replying to an email is a piece of cake.

Quick search

·Here we provide you with fast search function, and there are multiple search engines for you to choose from.

Shortcut icon add

·You can add your frequently used website shortcut links freely on our homepage, which is simple and convenient.

Shortcut icon group

·In the mail window, sending and replying to an email is a piece of cake.

·We can synchronize these configurations to any device

Convenient tool

Time tool component

·Provides you with standard time. You can set the style and display rules of time.

Weather tool assembly

·We provide you with real-time weather conditions. You can customize your weather icon style and display location.

To do tool component

·You can add your to-do list here. We will provide reminders and notes.

Rich wallpaper functions

·You can choose or upload your wallpaper freely.

·Up to dozens of settings personalize your start page.

·Create your own starting page.

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